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Building Sights

27 June 2019

Dear Friends

We are delighted to confirm Our Linen Stories Exhibition at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh will run 16 September 2019 to 25 January 2020, the culmination of two years participatory research and development. Details of our lively allied Events series is published next month including new talks, walks and workshops. Y/Our Linen Stories 2019 series completes this weekend in Kirkcaldy, open Saturday 30 June 10am to 4pm and part of the Monthly Makers Market at Olympia Shopping Arcade.

One of our core aims at Journeys in Design is to explore what sustainable design can mean ‘in real life’. As part Scotland’s Architecture Fringe 2019, the latest PechaKucha Edinburgh includes our 20/20 Building Sights: Envisioning a Circular Economy of Construction’, asking how we might avoid the wrecking ball and re-imagine our existing building stock. A summary of our romp through repurposed buildings can be viewed @journeysindesign.

The canny redesign of old buildings into new creative centres has defined Journeys in Design, from our refitting of an old tyre depot as Gayfield Creative Spaces to our current residency in a former Linen Works turned Kirkcaldy Journeys in Design Hub and with our Edinburgh Exhibition to come in the former Infirmary Street Swimming Baths re-imagined as Dovecot Studios.

We hope you enjoy our programmes and that we might see you within or around one of Scotland’s many vibrant creative hubs in the coming months.

Wishing you a happy summer,
On behalf of all the team,
Journeys in Design

Lead Image: Gayfield Creative Spaces Depot Gallery
Remodelled by GRAS Architects, 2013

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