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Cultural Traffic Scotland

17 October 2018

Thank you to the fine people of Lisburn for engaging so heartily during our time in N.Ireland. As ever, you can keep abreast of our latest linen stories by following our Facebook page and read our past newsletters on Our Website.

Next week our final tour stop this year is in the north of Scotland at The Highland Folk Museum, Newtonmore Monday 22 to Sunday 28 October. Full programme details on our website here. As our tour moves onward we platform the work of Contemporary Scottish Designers and offer fresh insights into the shared cultural bonds between Scotland and our nearest ‘European Linen nations’ - Holland, Belgium and France.

Our local theme for our Highlands venue is called ‘Airing your Dirty Linen’ drawing on the fascinating home collection of the Highland Folk Museum and developing links with Texteil Museum Tilburg in Holland around this ‘laundering linens’ theme.

We’re also joining forces with the University of the Highlands and Islands Centre of History who will be demonstrating how flax was prepared in eighteenth century Badenoch from a crop grown locally by PhD researcher Maureen Shaw.

The Scottish Highlands are famed internationally
for stunning scenery and warm hospitality.

Hope to see you in Newtonmore,
With autumnal best wishes,
John, James, Mandy and Max.

Journeys in Design

Your curator is a member of UK International Committee of Museums and with Our Linen Stories continues an exploration of the wider role of museums as culture hubs for their local communities.

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