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Designs to Thrive

24 January 2019

Reaching out to forge meaningful collaboration is at the core of the  Journeys in Design programme and this year we progress alliances with European neighbours through Our Linen Stories and continue to research for our new Material World focus on Concrete.

Our Linen Stories are told regularly on Facebook and throughout this year you can spot new Website entries delving more deeply into the shared material culture of this quintessentially European textile. We deepen our commitment to key communities with themed revisit and a new series of Walk and Talks.

Concrete Designs To Thrive is a rolling series of exhibitions, talks and special events taking place through 2021 and 2022. From the minute to the monumental, concrete is the basis for a huge array of design interventions, the structural warp to a cultural weft of people, places and activities. Our themes draw on the essential acts of life: NEST, LEARN, HEAL and PRAY, MEET, TRAVEL, VOTE and PLAY.

Linking interventions in concrete at home and abroad, we foster international links and highlight mindful, functional and sustainable design, ultimately asking: ‘What Structures help us to live well and thrive?

We look forward to these journeys with you.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2019

John Ennis
Curator Producer
Journeys in Design Scotland

IMAGE Linum usitatissimum W.O. Muller
From Kohler's 'Medicinal Plants' 1897

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