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From Scotland on St. Andrew's Day

30 November 2018

Journeys in Design is a series of exhibitions and events platforming Scottish Design in an International Context. Our featured Designs find context within the wider fields of well-being, sustainability, income generation and industrial heritage.

We platform Design in Scotland through display and discussion, visiting diverse locations, collaborating with talented people and engaging with countries and cultures other than our own.

Journeys in Design follows two intersecting pathways called Material World and Making Well. Along our Material World pathway, we explore a different material with each iteration. From 2018 we begin our linen and flax fibre journey in design with Our Linen Stories’. Through 2021, Concrete Designs to Thrive' will explore another fascinating and ubiquitous cultural substrate.

Along our Making Well pathway, we collaborate with like minds to examine how Mindful Design meets Well-Being for individuals and communities. This programme began in 2014 and has continued with programmes including our series of  Walks by Design

Emerging from our exhibitions and underpinning their core aims, we bring together artists, designers, curators and thinkers to explore the wider role of design in our Twilight Talks about Design. These talks began in 2014 and include ‘Too Much Stuff’ about the ecology of design and ‘Gardens in Mind’ about designing buildings and landscape for people with dementia; we publish a new series of Talks emerging from Our Linn Stories in the coming months.

In these evolving Journeys in Design, I have had the great privilege of collaborating with many key colleagues since inauguration in November 2013, five years ago this month.

The New Year brings new initiatives with more details of our programme development. It is therefore with a real sense of adventure and delight this St Andrew's Day that I invite you to continue with us on our Journeys in Design from Scotland.

With very best wishes,
John Ennis
Curator Producer
Journeys in Design

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