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 1.  Irvine
Maritime Heritage & Sustainable Design
Welcome to Salvage Scotland 2020

A Journey to the Scottish Maritime Museum
with Nicola Scott

 2.  North Uist
Art Activism and the Sea
​with David Cass
Taigh Chearsabhagh North Uist
with Andy Mackinnon and Simon Hart

 3.  Summer Isles
A Journey to Isle Martin
with Julia Barton

 4.  Orkney
Ghost Fishing and Maritime Salvage
with Mark Cook

 5.  Montrose
Maritime Knowledge Transfer
with Amy Gair

 6.  Burntisland 
Warp, Weft and the Sea
with Susie Redman
Fashioning Seaweed
with Jasmine Linington
WIld Weaving in the Boat Yard
with Susie Redman and Akshata Mokashi
Our Treasure Trove Exhibiton
Thank You from Journeys in Design

 International Links N.Ireland
The Currach Project
with Bruce Clark The Netherlands
Dutch Design and the Sea
with Nienke Hoogvliet


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A Maritime SOS

‘Salvage Scotland: a maritime SOS’ is a voyage around Scotland’s coastal communities exploring sustainable design and circular economies at sea, inaugural outing 26th July to 9th August 2020, the first of a biennial summer sailing. Our material focus for this programme is seaweed, with a collaborative journey in design called Seaweed So Good.

Launching in the environs of the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine, we set sail in 2020 up the west coast via North Uist, Lochalsh and the Summer Isles, north to Orkney then down the east coast via Montrose along the beautiful shorelines of Fife to Burntisland, in a series of cultural moorings, gathering treasures and reaching out to Northern Ireland and The Netherlands with two international initiatives: ‘The Currach Project’ and 'Seaweed So Good'. Our 2020 voyage is mapped out below: welcome aboard!

Image: Salvage Scotland Lifebuoy Logo and Map by Benjamin Hanyecz 

Map Final Amended 03082020.jpg

Cultural Moorings


Treasure Trove Exhibition and Thank You

with curator John Ennis

Click on each image below to find out more

Thank you from curator John Ennis, from Burntisland, linking to our Treasure Trove Exhibition 


Many thanks to all who joined us on board this year.

As we berth in Burntisland, we offer you our Treasure Trove Exhibition 2020.

The Scottish creative talent represented by these works is drawn from across art, design and industry and Journeys in Design is grateful to each practitioner for so generously sharing their work. 
You can hear more of the stories behind each exhibit in the series of practitioner encounters below that accompany the Salvage Scotland programme.

We hope you enjoyed this years voyage.

We look forward to sailing on with you in years to come.

Day 11
Wild Weaving in the Boatyard

with Susie Redman and Akshata Mokashi

Click on each image below to find out more

Workshop with Susie and Akshata, to seaweed licence areas and to Jasmine's website

On India's National Loom Day, join expert weavers Akshata Mokashi from Mumbai and Susie Redman from Burntisland as they lead a Wild Weaving session with novice, John Ennis.


Unable to gather in numbers during the Covid19 pandemic, Journeys in Design continues our series of well-being workshops, partly 'on the ground' gathering items to incorporate into a simple tapestry weave, and partly online with Susie leading the way.


Our boatyard salvage include the washed wooden cane circles of an old boat fender, used as our frame, old rope and seaweed as weft and a warp of linen thread. John has more fun than aesthetic success but all three happily pass some time together and feel the benefit of productive fellowship across the miles.

Day 10
Fashioning Seaweed

with Jasmine Linington

Click on each image below to find out more

Our encounter with Jasmine Linington, to seaweed licence areas and to Jasmine's website

Designer Maker Artist and 'Seaweed Girl' Jasmine Linington discusses her journey in design with curator John Ennis.


Jasmine shares how an early repulsion of seaweed morphed into a material fascination, from her early days on the north coast of Devon to the east coast of Scotland, graduating Master of Fine Art Textiles in 2019. Jasmine and John first met in Leith, Edinburgh's vibrant port and design district, at creative hub Custom Lane.


Jasmine's SeaCell textiles and seaweed embellishments have been featured widely, including in the popular Country Homes magazine and in the influential magazine of the UK Crafts Council: CRAFTS. 

Day 9
Dutch Design and the Sea

with Nienke Hoogvliet

Click on each image below to find out more

Our encounter with Nienke Hoogvliet, to Vlieland and to Nienke's website

Designer and passionate advocate of ocean welfare Nienke Hoogvliet discusses the intriguing potential of seaweed with curator John Ennis.


The pair remember their Dezeen Day meeting in October 2019 and the Post Plastic Panel discussion. With a base in the Hague, Nienke reflects on how design is nurtured in The Netherlands and on local projects including on the Dutch island of Vlieland.


With her Sea Me programme, Nienke channels her advocacy into inspiring seaweed textile and natural dye projects. John and Nienke look forward to future potential collaboration linking Scotland and The Netherlands.

Day 8
Warp, Weft and the Sea

with Susan Redman

Click on each image below to find out more

Our encounter with Susan Redman, to Platform Studios and to more of Susie's work 

Hand loom weaver Susie Redman discusses the influence of the sea on her practice, with curator John Ennis.


Susie is based at Platform Studios Burntisland, in former railway station buildings overlooking the Firth of Forth, and the pair take a walk out through the local boatyard along a short stretch of the Fife Coastal Pathway.


Constantly experimenting with colour and weave, Susie's progressive practice uses natural materials including linen. In recent months, this has included experiments with seaweed in canny combination with Japanese paper.


Susie's work will be represented in the upcoming CLOTH#20 selling event at Dovecot Studio, organised by James Donald.

Day 7
A Journey to Isle Martin

with Julia Barton

Click on each image below to find out more

Our encounter with Julia Barton, to Isle Martin Seaweed Festival, to Littoral Art Project

Sculptor, environmental artist and ecologist Julia Barton discusses her career-defining exploration of the shoreline with curator John Ennis.


Julia has developed an intimate relationship with that zone linking land and sea in her body of work called "littoral: sci-art project". With intense study of seaweed and th effects of beach litter, Julia raises awareness through community engagement projects co-designing shoreline walks, litter collection and display of artworks, most notably a series of #litterCUBES.


Disentangling for a time from plastics, Julia has joined with others looking out to the Summer Isles, creating the Isle Martin Seaweed Festival. John and Julia loom forward to Seaweed Festival 2021. 

Day 6
Maritime Knowledge Transfer in Montrose

with Amy Gair

Click on each image below to find out more

Our encounter with Amy Gair, to Montrose Rope and Sail, to Montrose Bag Company

Design and brand development manager Amy Gair, discusses her role at the Montrose Rope and Sail Company, one of Scotland's oldest registered companies, with curator John Ennis. 

Amy's own journey in design to Montrose has been a skilful tack and jibe, training at University of Highlands and Islands on Shetland, Heriot Watt University in the Borders and at Glasgow School of Art. 

Key in this progress has been as Associate on a two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership between MRSC and Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon University under the watchful eye of Josie Steed, and with the support of her fellow KTP associates.

Day 5
Ghost Fishing and Maritime Salvage

with Mark Cook

Click on each image below to find out more

Our encounter with Mark Cook, to ghost fishing at Scapa Flow, to page of Mark Cook

Talented maker and Orkney devotee Mark Cook, discusses 'Afrayedknot', his studio and workshop initiative, with curator John Ennis. 

The pair discuss the phenomena of Ghost Fishing, a specialist diving technique employed by volunteers worldwide to help clear the oceans of discarded fishing kit. 

Mark traces his love of knotting as a child in Clacton-on-Sea via many a maritime route to Stromness. As a maker, he uses old fishing rope washed up on the shores of Orkney or donated by local fishermen to create something useful using traditional knotting techniques.

Day 4
Art Activism and the Sea

with David Cass

Click on each image below to find out more

Our encounter with David Cass, to exhibition at Taigh Chearsabhagh, to David Cass website

Artist and activist David Cass talks about his work and inspiration with curator John Ennis.


David explored the use of recycled materials while at Edinburgh College of Art and his journey since has refined and developed this approach.


Intensely engaged with themes of rising sea levels, maritime ecology and climate change, David discusses the essential collaborative elements of his work, in both research and dissemination phases. 

Find out more about David Cass on his website

Day 3
Taigh Chearsabhagh North Uist

with Andy Mackinnon and Simon Hart

Click on images below to view and find out more 

Link to encounter with Andy and Simon, to Taigh Chearsabhagh, and to Lines (57° 59′ N, 7° 16’ W) installation on North Uist. 

Art curator and filmmaker Andy Mackinnon and development director Simon Hart, welcome curator John Ennis to the vibrant maritime culture hub of Taigh Chearsabhagh (pronounced Ter Kersova) on the Outer Hebridean island of North Uist.


Simon offers insights into the new pace and priorities he is managing as a recent arrival to this welcoming part of Scotland. More water than land, Andy takes us on a journey across North Uist then beyond to more distant islands including Venice.


The plight of buildings and communities subject to rising sea levels is given focus by the artwork Lines (57° 59′ N, 7° 16’ W) and we hear how a "message in a bottle" arriving from Greenland inspires further projects We look forward to a collaboration with artist David Cass destined for the Venice Biennale 2022.

Day 2
Maritime Links and The Currach Project

with Bruce Clark

Click on images below to view and find out more

Link to encounter with Bruce Clark, to The Currach Project, and to the original film of the 1963 Curragh to Iona voyage. 

Author, journalist and committed cultural historian Bruce Clark discusses the intimate maritime links between Scotland and Northern Ireland with curator John Ennis. Bruce offers context with reference to early Christianity, long standing trade routes and popular pleasure sailing today.


These links are given sharper focus by discussion of his father Wallace Clark's deep love of seafaring as evidenced by two key voyages in reconstructed vessels: 1991 in a Medieval Galley and 1963 in a Currach to mark the 1400th anniversary of St Columba's journey from the shores of Derry in the north of Ireland to the Scottish island of Iona.


In Scotland, currach were used most memorably by loggers guiding rafts on the River Spey. The Currach Project by Journeys in Design is a community co-design project taking shape in Grantown on Spey, with a goal to launch our prototype vessel in 2023, marking to 60th anniversary of this 1963 crossing.

Day 1
Journey to the Scottish Maritime Museum

with Nicola Scott

Click on images below to view and find out more 

To our encounter with Nicola Scott, to the Scottish Maritime Museum and to the Puffer Boat MV Spartan 360 viewer.

Nicola Scott, Exhibition and Events Officer at the Scottish Maritime Museum, discusses her professional journey to Irvine via London and Glasgow with curator John Ennis.


The pair describe some of the gems from SMM, including the extraordinary brick boat shed itself moved from its original site in Govan. Boats on site include Spartan MV, a puffer ship well remembered by many in Glasgow and the Western Isles, which forms an exhibition space of their latest display.


Current challenges for this maritime culture hub are met well and Nicola and John look forward to the Salvage Scotland programme this year and next.​

SALVAGE Scotland: Maritime Heritage and Sustainable Design

with curator John Ennis

Click on images below to view and find out more 

Link to our Facebook Live introduction, to the Ayrshire Coastal Path and to Irvine Beach.

A warm welcome to Salvage Scotland: a maritime SOS.


We launch this inaugural year on Scotland's west coast from the wide & windswept sands where the River Irvine joins the mighty Firth of Clyde. Follow us as we set sail around the country, here on our website and on our Journeys in Design social media feeds.

Welcome aboard!