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Journeys in Design

mindful design and materials: soil, sea and streets


exploring where design meets well-being and regenerative futures,
engaging local communities, reaching out internationally,
and setting Scotland’s contemporary design talent in context.

Flax Futures | Our Linen Stories


Coming up in 2024... 

FlaxFest24, September, in Dunfermline and beyond:

a cultural celebration of flax and linen

across art, design and industry in Scotland.

#flaxScotland Growing Communities May 2023

Making Millie on Tour  June 2023

Regenerative Textiles in Scotland July 2023

Flax Futures Exhibition August 2023 

#flaxScotland Winter Workshops May 2023

Glasgow Green & Grey | Concrete Designs to Thrive


Coming up in 2024... 

Concrete Designs to Thrive '24, Glasgow, in June:

exhibitions and our latest Twilight Talk at the Briggait,

and our Glasgow Green and Grey Walk by Design,

in association with Invisible Cities.

Invisible Cities Mapping project April 2023

Photography workshops  May 2023

Glasgow Green & Grey Walks June 2023

Twilight Talk: Co-Design for Well-Being June 2023 

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