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And the winner is...

2 October 2019

Dear Friends,

A very big thank you to all our exhibitors and especially to Exhibition designer Lorna Brown of Blessed Unrest and installation team, Eric Schumacher and Oisin Gallagher: Our Linen Stories are up and open and we keenly welcome you along to Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh.

Our Events programme including Walks by Design and Weaving Workshops are also free to attend: if you are Edinburgh bound and these are of interest, please do click to register.

In particular, please consider our two new Twilight Talks about Design, November 14th and January 16th . Each introduced by Celia Joicey, Director of Dovecot Studio, I’m delighted to thank her team for opening Dovecot an hour before our Talks  to allow for special viewing of our exhibition.

Each new month of our Edinburgh run offers a theme: October is ‘Nurturing Design Talent’. This theme emerges from Volume 3 of Our Linen Stories which reflects on the role of Patronage and Prizes in the development of creative industries. We think all our featured artists, designers and makers are winners of course.

I hope to see you at our scheduled Events in Edinburgh.

On behalf of all the team,
Best wishes,
Journeys in Design

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